Self-Assessment Part 1 (ES001)
Personal Skills
Self-Assessment Part 1 (ES001)
You’re not like anyone else: your natural strengths and weaknesses, your learning styles, and the way you solve problems are some of the things that make you unique. But a lot of people have trouble seeing their own strengths objectively. This...
Self-Assessment Part 2 (ES002)
Personal Skills
Self-Assessment Part 2 (ES002)
In Self-Assessment Part 1, you learned about strengths, learning styles, and problem solving. In this course, we show how your interests, skills, and personal values help lay the foundations for making smart career choices. By the end of the...
Occupational Research (ES003)
Job-Search Skills
Occupational Research (ES003)
What jobs are you qualified for, and are there any available nearby? Is your field expected to grow, shrink, or stay the same over the next five years? How much does someone with your qualifications typically earn? This course will teach you how...
Building Résumés (ES004)
Job-Search Skills
Building Résumés (ES004)
How do you make your work descriptions ‘pop’? What exactly do you say in a cover letter? What are some résumé "don'ts" that will get your file tossed in the trash? This course walks you through creating a compelling résumés and cover...
Job Interviews (ES005)
Job-Search Skills
Job Interviews (ES005)
In the middle of an important job interview, the interviewer hits you with a question that makes your mind go blank. As you struggle to say something, panic sets in—which only makes things worse. This happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have...
Networking (ES006)
Job-Search Skills
Networking (ES006)
Experts estimate that as many as 90% of all jobs are never posted to the public. That’s a lot! The only way to connect with these ‘hidden’ jobs is by networking—reaching out to the people you know. This course will offer insight into...
Building Self-Reliance (ES007)
Personal Skills
Building Self-Reliance (ES007)
Self-reliance is about taking charge of your life. Being able to set personal goals, plan your own budget, and manage your time will make you a more independent person. Being able to respond gracefully to life’s little emergencies will make you...
Workplace Essential Skills (ES008)
Workplace Skills
Workplace Essential Skills (ES008)
What percentage of 230 is 43, and how do you find out? How do you write a project proposal, and how do you give a great presentation to show it off? Some workplace skills are so common as to be nearly universal, including basic math, literacy,...
Teamwork and Leadership Skills (ES009)
Workplace Skills
Teamwork and Leadership Skills (ES009)
Should a group leader be a charismatic motivator, a knowledgeable bureaucrat, or a strict authoritarian? (It depends!) When working with others, does every teammate need to ‘pull their own weight’? (It depends!) What kind of roles exist in...
Workplace Communication (ES010)
Workplace Skills
Workplace Communication (ES010)
Sometimes we say things that are immediately taken the wrong way. Sometimes we hear an attack where none was intended. This course focuses on how to get along in the workplace: we work on communication techniques, assertiveness, and showcasing a...

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